Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 15 and 16

April 22 - May 5

Because I had a crazy couple of weeks, I forgot to do my quote post, which still remains unnamed. Anyway, here is two weeks worth of quote board quotes.

Jordan feels so grown up now that he is five. It seems like every hour he will come up to me and say, "Mom, remember when I was four and I did ______?" He'll name something that he still does, but I guess he is having fun reminiscing.

Last summer Sam sat on an ant pile (twice) and got bitten by ants all over his legs, bum and, well, his whole diaper area. I think he might be allergic to the ant bites because they would become quarter sized welts. It was sad. Anyway, he was playing on our back porch the other day and came running in to tell me that ants were all over his toys he was playing with. He was so mad and kept saying how much he hated ants. I think it's the first time I've heard him say hate. I know how much he dislikes them because twenty minutes later I looked out the window and found him peeing on the ant pile!

I don't know if any of you have ever hung up clothes or blankets to dry, but they don't feel the same as a dryer. They get stiff and crisp, which is no fun for the towels. Jordan noticed a difference in how his blankets felt one night and said, "are cozy dog and cozy frog still cozy?" I said yes and he responded with, "well, they don't feel like it." After sleeping with them a few nights he announced, "Cozy dog and frog are cozy again!" I guess it just takes a little while to get them back to normal.

We were driving past a strip mall one day and Jordan excitedly announced, "Hey! Those are store apartments!"

Sam was opening a new toy when the instructions fell out, he said, "OH look! It came with scriptures to tell you what to do!"

One night, right after his third birthday, Sam stayed dry all through the night. I was so excited in the morning and told him to give me high five. He immediately yelled, "NO! I'm not five, I'm three!"

Jordan found a very clever way of getting out of dinner. One night he stood up and said, "Hey look what I can do." He started hopping on one foot, then continued to hop out of the kitchen to his room.

One of Benji's patients is from Germany. For his birthday his wife made him all of his favorite German foods and then gave Benji some leftovers. I don't know the name of what we were eating, but it was very good. It was some sort of meat log (best description I can come up with), served with gravy over mashed potatoes. During dinner, Sam announced he needed to go potty. When he was finished he proudly announced, "My poop looks like the Japanese food we are eating!"

Benji brought home paratrooper toys for the boys one day. Without even thinking about it Jordan said, "My guy is named Sergent Doodaver." Seriously, we have no idea where he comes up with his names for his toys!

We were reading 'Olivia' one day and when we were finished Jordan was looking at the Caldecott Honor on the front of the book and said, "This book must of cost a lot of money, it has a huge quarter on it!"

Jordan brought a permanent marker in to me one day and said, "Hey! I can color with this pregnant marker now that I'm five!"

Sam came into the room I was in the other day holding my bra up to chest. He said, "look mom, I have bibs." I can't figure out if he really meant a baby bib, or if he meant boobs. We don't use the word boobs around him, so I'm not sure where he learned it!!

I was holding a balloon the other day and Jordan thought I was going to pop it, he said, "That scared my butt!" (It's extra funny that it's the first time I've heard him say butt instead of bum.)

Sam: "Mom, I was spinning so fast I almost basted off!" (He meant blasted.)

Jordan: "When I get married, my last name will change to Ukraine."

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