Monday, May 21, 2012

Jordan's 5th birthday party

We had an Angry Bird birthday party for Jordan on the 21st of April. I was a little crazy that day because I didn't plan my time very well and was trying to put up decorations, clean, and decorate a cake right before the party. Oh, and I made four pizzas that morning too. Thank goodness I had some friends show up with their kids to help me out (thank you Christy, Camille, and Kelsey!)

I decided it would be fun to make angry bird shaped pizzas.

I ran out of time on decorating the cake, so I printed a face on paper and put it on top of wax paper. It worked, but I was sad I ran out of time.

Jordan in front of his party table. There are angry bird hats, goodie bags and that round black bird in the back is the pinata.

Here are most of the kids gathered up for the first game. They were all the angry birds and I told them some pigs came and stole their eggs and hid them somewhere in the backyard.

So they started looking for them.

And eventually found them in the BBQ! Those nasty pigs.

They even had the eggs in a frying pan!

Opening presents.

It was funny to see all the kids crowd around Jordan as he opened presents, he had a lot of helpers.

Jordan's aunt brought him a chocolate bunny. He carried it around with him everywhere for two days before he finally ate it. Here he is posing with it.

Unfortunately, I don't have pinata pictures right now, but I'll add them to this post later once I have them.

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