Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 17

May 6 - 12

Sam is finally potty trained! He has been going #2 on the potty for awhile, but has finally caught on to peeing in the potty, it is awesome! One day he came and told me he peed on the potty and I said, "Way to go, Sam! You are potty trained!" He laughed at me like I said the most ridiculous thing and said, "Trains don't have bums!"

We were driving to Benji's grandparent's house that is about an hour away. When we were about 10 minutes away Hannah started screaming. After a few minutes of her screaming, I turned back and told Jordan not to worry because we were almost there. He said, " Good. I'm kinda having a hard time back here."

I meet with a big group of women at a church here in town three times a week for an aerobics class. It is so much fun, and it fabulous because it is free and I can bring my kids and they play on the stage or in the nursery while we exercise. One day the lady teaching the class was congratulating someone on their awesome form and then everyone started clapping. This got Jordan's attention and he came running in from the other room, he had the proudest look on his face and was so excited as he yelled, "Mom! Are you doing so good!?"

Another time when I went to go work out Sam explained from the back seat, "Mom, I have a teacher and you have a teacher. Your teacher is at your exercise class and mine is at nursery."

We were getting ready to go to Benji's grandparent's house for lunch and I wouldn't let Jordan wear one of his Angry Bird shirts because I told him I wanted him to look nice. After putting a button-up shirt on him he started crying and angrily said, "now I look cute, and I don't want to!"

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